Great Chicago Jobs Many applicants come to the Great Chicago Jobs Center interested in an increasingly popular method of hiring referred to as a "temp-to-hire" or "temp-to-perm" situation. This scenario starts with temporary employment through one of our temporary staffing divisions, and then converts into a permanent job with the organization or business you are working through. The advantage here allows both parties a chance to evaluate possible permanent employment before formal offers are extended and accepted.

While interviews are usually a good indicator of employment compatibility, it's even better to actually experience the job itself. Issues such as job duties, work environment and personalities can be evaluated first-hand before making a final commitment to accept a possible permanent job offer. If it proves a good match, final offers and hiring arrangements will be made. If it doesn't prove a good match, you can resume your permanent job search and continue working in a temporary capacity until the right job offer comes along.

There are two types of Temp-to-Hire situations. The first type occurs as an intended search, when both you and the firm are aware that the position you are considering is a Temp-to-Hire possibility. Intended Temp-to-Hire searches generally resemble the Direct-Hire process, which usually includes interviews and evaluations beforehand. Click Direct-Hire Job Placement for more details.

The second type occurs when neither you nor the company starts a temporary job with the intent to hire, but because a good match seems apparent, both you and the company consider permanent employment. The unintended Temp-to-Hire situation generally starts off as a traditional temporary work assignment. There is one thing to keep in mind; the permanent job offer may involve a different job description than the temporary job - one more suited for your unique skills and talents. Click Temporary Job Placement for more details.

In terms of pay and benefit issues, Proven Solutions will pay you an hourly rate closely based upon your skills and you will be eligible for Proven Solutions temporary employment benefits as long as you are on our payroll. Click Benefits for details. Company benefits for the potential permanent job would be available once you convert to that company's permanent payroll. Your Placement Supervisor will assist you in obtaining all relevant information regarding a specific job description, salary, benefits, offers and finally, arranging a transfer date.

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