Great Chicago Jobs The ideal job for some individuals is temporary employment. Besides the financial benefits of earning a living, it's a great way to gain new skills, try out different career paths and companies and possibly lead to permanent job offers. Meet with a Placement Supervisor in our downtown Chicago headquarters -- the facility we call the Great Chicago Jobs Center -- and you'll be partnered with a placement professional who can help you find interesting and high paying job assignments on a short, intermediate or long-term basis.

Many of our business clients are among Chicago's Top-Rated employers. Our temporary assignments can offer you exclusive access to many of these firms that would not be accessible otherwise. We can also assist you in targeting any particular industry that you would like to work in.

Our pay rates and benefits are among the most competitive and progressive in the Midwest Region. In addition to earning top dollar, you can receive:

  • Paid Holidays, Personal Days, Sick Days & Vacations with cash out options
  • Affordable Medical, Prescription, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance Coverage
  • An extensive array of Performance Bonuses Awards
  • Free Software Enhancement Training
  • Job Search and Career Preparation
  • Resume Development
  • Alumni Program
  • Referral Bonus Program
Click Benefits for more details.

If you are not permanently employed and looking for a permanent job, our placement supervisors can keep you working while we help you conduct your permanent job search - which relieves any financial pressure to take an unsuitable job offer. Better still, you can increase your earnings potential by gaining new skills and new industry experience to attain higher salary offers. A variation of temporary work called "Temp-to-Hire" is yet another avenue to consider as a way to maximize your employment options. Click Temp-to-Hire Job Placement for more details.

For those who enjoy the variety that temporary work offers, yet need a stable income and the benefits of permanent work, we offer a third way. We have a team of permanently employed field employees called "Ultimate Performers". These individuals work in temporary assignments yet receive guaranteed pay and benefits. The interesting advantage is that you would enjoy the benefits of permanent employment with the variety of temporary employment - truly the best of both worlds! Click Contract Job Placement for more details.

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