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An increasingly popular method to hiring involves utilizing temporary employees in positions that are open for a permanent hire. Temporary employees who perform well in the job are then considered for a permanent job offer, accept the formal offer and then transfer onto the client company payroll. This is commonly referred to as a "Temp-to-Hire" or a "Temp-to-Perm" situation. It can happen in two ways, intended search and placement and an unintended placement.

Intended Temp-to-Hire Search & Placement

The intended temp-to-hire search method mirrors that of a direct-hire method, whereas the hiring company lists the job title and description, reviews resumes, conducts interviews and chooses the final candidate for the "temp-to-hire" position. Salary ranges, benefits, fees, guarantees and conversion agreements are arranged in the beginning of the process and all parties are informed of, and agree to, pre-set conditions and expectations before a final hiring decision is made. Once all parties agree that a good match has been made, formal offers and hiring decisions are made. After acceptance is confirmed, a hiring date is established and the temporary employee is transferred into the permanent position. Since this method resembles the "direct-hire" model (click Direct-Hire for more details).

Unintended Temp-to-Hire Placement

The unintended placement occurs when a temporary employee is placed into a job without the permanent job pre-search conditions, interviews or the expectation of being hired. The temporary employee may be filling a position that is open for a permanent hire or, because of their outstanding job performance and experience in other fields, may be under consideration for another permanent opening within the business. Under this scenario, our placement supervisors would determine if the temporary employee is interested in the position and if so, salary, benefits, job titles, job descriptions and all other criteria are then discussed for final consideration. After acceptance is confirmed, a hiring date is established and the temporary employee is transferred into the permanent position (click Temporary Services for more details).

There are several advantages and some disadvantages in utilizing Temp-To-Hire. Click here for more details

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