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Many businesses and organizations experience rapidly changing levels of business activity due seasonal demands or growth and expansion or need quick solutions to daily staffing shortages. We have innovative and proven staffing solutions ready to meet that demand.

Our temporary staffing divisions employ a vast team of highly skilled and motivated individuals to fulfill temporary, contract and temp-to-hire jobs that can help your company expand and contract quickly based upon your firm's business activity. We are ready and able to assist in everything from the traditional temporary staffing coverage for vacations and maternity leaves to contracted employment solutions to cover long-term projects and expansions.

We take great pains to ensure that experienced, motivated and reliable individuals are chosen to represent our service. This is achieved by utilizing an extensive screening, testing and evaluation process when choosing these employees. It doesn't stop there, all temporary employees sign an employment success agreement and receive a comprehensive orientation for Proven Solutions Companies as well as each place he/she is sent to on assignment. For more details click Testing Programs and Screening Programs.

Most employers know that recruiting is only the first part, effective and creative retention plans are key to keeping good employees. Proven Solutions Companies employ a generous array of programs designed to retain the best and the brightest temporary employees by offering higher-than-average pay rates, paid sick days, vacations, holidays, extensive bonus plans and healthcare benefits. For more details click benefits.

And we don't stop there, our Placement Supervisors are your partner in managing these temporary employees. We inform them of your company's expectations and requirements beforehand, discuss any and all feedback regarding his or her job performance and will act on your behalf whenever appropriate. The best part is when we thank them for a job well done - truly priceless! Let us help you with your temporary staffing today. Click here to place a Job Order.

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