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It used to be that businesses primarily relied upon hiring permanent employees to perform most of the work done within the organization and then may have relied upon temporary services to provide some back-up relief. The last few years however has changed the way businesses operate. A strong economy, in part driven by efficiency gains in the marketplace through automation and internet commerce, has changed the face of employment.

Indeed the terms permanent and temporary jobs may be a misnomer. What job is really permanent when it may be eliminated or completely changes form at any time in the future? Then there are temporary jobs that can last for years on end. Other forms of employees include leased or contract employees as well as field employees - who are permanently employed but perform in a temporary job assignment capacity.

It may sound confusing but it really represents a dynamic menu of options for businesses to choose from in developing a blended work force. Its possible that a firm may require a work force with all forms of staff: permanent, temporary, temp-to-hire, contracted, leased, part-time, internship. We have good news on that front, we offer all of these forms of staffing.

Contracted/Leased Employees

This type of staffing represents outsourcing to a large degree but with more control. Generally speaking contract employment agreements can be several weeks to a couple of years in duration while a leased staffing agreement may be more encompassing to cover an entire section of workforce and may last several years. All of this is determined from the outset and contracts are developed accordingly.

In this scenario, we provide the search and screening efforts, assume the employment liabilities and provide some co-managed support roles. Contract and leased employees through Proven Solutions Companies may receive guaranteed salaries or hourly rates, full healthcare benefits, retirement benefit programs, vacation, holiday and sick day coverage and bonuses (click Benefits for details). Click here to place a Job Order.

Ultimate Performers/Permanent Field Employees

Our "Ultimate Performers" program is cutting edge, innovative and represents how employment is evolving in the 21st Century. Proven Solutions Companies employ a team of highly skilled, motivated and flexible individuals who are permanently employed by us, but work in temporary, contracted or leased jobs. It represents the best of both worlds for those who need the stability of permanent work but enjoy the variety of change and new challenges on a regular basis.

In addition to receiving a weekly salary, "Ultimate Performers" enjoy a full benefit package as well, including: healthcare coverage - medical/dental/life insurance, vision care, retirement plans, paid holidays/sick/personal days, vacations and tremendous bonus programs. We also have free training programs for office support functions and computer software. They are reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis similar to other permanent staff.

Utilizing our "Ultimate Performers" staff is a great option to consider when needing coverage for vacations, maternity leaves, medical/family leaves, mergers/acquisitions, project management and other types of openings that may require a higher level of skill, commitment and reliability. The best part is that you can request certain individuals back to your office time and again depending upon their availability. Click here to place a Job Order.

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